House of S.M. Nazirov

Built in 1886

architect P.I. Romanov

Built in 1886 according to the project of the Kazan architect P.I. Romanov as a peasant Sadri Nazirov. Home owner at stake. 19th century successfully engaged in manufacturing trade in Ufa and soon became one of the largest entrepreneurs in the city. There Nazirov became famous as a benefactor: in 1906 he donated funds for the construction of the famous Ufa madrasah "Talia". Despite the fact that S.M. Nazirov permanently lived in Ufa, the house in the Old Tatar settlement of Kazan remained in his property until 1918.

Nazirov's house before restoration

Semi-stone 2-storey house is located on the embankment of the lake. Boar. It has a recessed annex on the right, which is adjoined by an outbuilding, also brought out to the red line of the street. The lower brick floor of the main house received square windows, under which there is a horizontal draft and paneled niches are placed. The angular shoulder blades are rusticated. The upper log floor received a horizontal planking, a type-setting carved frieze, and a carved cornice board. Around the elongated windows, the platbands have a lancet ledge in the center, they are decorated with an applied ornament of bas-relief carving. To the left of the house, a brick gate with an arched lintel and wickets on the sides has been preserved.

The pillars of the gates are rusticated, the arched top is decorated with croutons. In 2013-2014, the restoration of the Nazirov House was carried out.

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